Yoga – more than stretch

Have you tried?

It can help regulate blood sugar level and improve insulin receptivity.

It is a simple pleasure.
Yoga is calming your mind and great fitness for body.

When You carefully stretch, you strengthen muscles, loosen your joints, and align your posture.

Also, deepen and improve breathing, slow heart rate, and improve blood flow throughout your body.

All these slow your mental as well as physical ageing.

This in your home, without special training or gears. Only a yoga mat and determination for improving You.

Plus there are medical benefits too – when middle aged sedentary people take twice-weekly Yoga classes for 3 months, the experience improvement in weight, blood pressure, insulin, triglyglycerine, even cleansing arteries.

These are due to relaxing effects of Yoga.
The practice calms body and mind releasing feel good hormones benificial to your health.

Try this in comforts of your home.

Sun salutation-

Mountain Pose

Overhead reach

Forward fold

High lunge




Downward – facing dog

Forward Roll 2

Upward sweep

Mountain return


Suresh Shah


Benefited from Talks and discussions of well trained and experienced teachers and professionals.

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