You are what you write

You need to be able to write in a way that gets you the results that you want.
Writing remains an important element as ever in organisational communication.
You can write more effectively to your readers. Consider the key writing style and approach. Ensure the reader responds in the way you intended.

Use of examples, tips and techniques for enhancing your writing, framework for structuring different types of emails are the key styles.

Practical tips and techniques for enhancing your email writing skills in order to achieve the results you expected.

• Consider and address the readers’ needs
• Enable to organize and structure different types of messages more effectively
• Use words and phrases projecting a positive image and tone


Understand the reader and purpose – using a more reader-centric approach to writing

Present information in a logical and organized way – techniques for organising different message types (positive and negative messages)

Use a positive tone– using appropriate words and phrases for the specific reader to build and maintain relationships

Project the right image – presenting information with the reader in mind (word choices and sentence structure)

Editing and proofreading your writing – developing a systematic approach to editing and proofreading


Suresh Shah, Pathfiners Enterprise

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