You become Robotic

At times, you become robotic.

You do certain things so often, you don’t have to think how

to do it.

When you leave home in the morning, for going to work,

you don’t have to think – turn left and then turn left, go straight

You do this automatic/robotic (without conscious thought)

Even after reaching the workplace, you behave in a same

routine – reach the desk, sit in a certain way, look at your

schedule and so on …. At times, if someone changes your

schedule, you experience stress. This is so set, it becomes

you, in you.

At an interview, if the candidate is asked to describe her/his

day in the office, many a times, they can’t.  Why?

Some of your patterns in communication are set

But you have to check which ones are working for you.

Some are effective, others may not. You have to check.

Somewhere deep in you, reactions and triggers are stored.

These pop up when  you have respond.

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