You may do well, without these employees

Some people just are there, you may also do not know how they have entered. They disrupt what you are trying to accomplish. You are occupied in business operations priorities.

  1. Usual suspects
  • Those who steal
  • Not doing their job
  • Show up inappropriately attire
  • No brainer
  1. Kings of ethics – always complaining for others, without a comment on their own productivity.
  2. Office babies – are insecure and will go to all lengths to hide their failings.
  3. Joy sponge – those who have the uncanny ability to soak in the joy in any situation, and prioritize looking at the negative in any situation.
  4. Proverbial know-it-alls –never fail to remind others of the impossible task at hand, without a solution or the right approach.
  5. Yes-man – seems to think every idea you give is flawless – don’t turn to them when you need honest advice.
  6. Resist to change – despite getting feedback on their negative attitude or behaviour

Keep the people who keep you in business. They are key positions.


Suresh Shah, Pathfinders Enteprise

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