You need a coach to achieve your goals

It is a luxury in life to feel true happiness daily – you have to grow yourself
Lack of confidence or fear of the unknown, sometimes limit your potential.

Pathfinders programs allow you to turn average performance into peak outcomes –  they break destructive and self-limiting cycles, with their straight-talk key (no beating around the bush)!

You’re still not sure

You think What will people think about you?…too costly for you…let me wait and see …you are too busy to think of anything else (than your business)…or any other excuse not to take the first step.

Let Pathfinders help you break your self-limiting cycle and move forward to a better and more exciting life with purpose!

Many people just allow their lives to happen (people who wonder what’s happening); they have landed in jobs and relationships they never planned.

You cannot live by chance – you have to live by choice. Only thing you just don’t know how to change, or where to start even if decide to change.

Can you remember a time when you had big dreams for yourself and something just happened and your life changed?

This is fear of rejection/failure. Your mindset is default-set for safety and security. You are hesitant of stepping out of your comfort zone, and/or trying new things.

Pathfinders provide guidance, support, and encouragement. We may not have all the answers, we just ask the great questions and drill down until we arrive at the real opportunity for growth or change.

You want to achieve clarity in life – why you do this or how you should do.
We together with you deal with the issues that have prevented you from achieving; the mental road blocks, the limiting beliefs, the learned behaviors, for moving ahead.

Whether you need a safe, trustworthy independent sounding board or to be robustly challenged, that is what you will get!

I have coached individuals, managers and teams across many different industries in  SME over a decade on the domestic front. Pathfinders coach teams and individuals to achieve their goals!

Your systems not updated for long, now letting you down.

Suresh Shah, M.D., Pathfinders Enterprise

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