Your Phone – What do do with your Phone?

Talk only or, more than talking!
Understand what your Phone can do .

It is like a mini computer.

Today, your Smarphone can do –
1) Talking or, communication,
Text messages, etc.
Try these and change your Life!

2) White noise machine for filtering nosy ambient from neighbourhood.
Also, it can reduce noise from rain, a Clock ticking, Waves, whatever you don’t want to hear.

3) This your Physician.
It is a Fitness Tracker- counting your steps, Heartbeats during running, resting, or in between.

4) GPS on your Phone.
Most useful tool.

5) Dictation – With it’s Microphone,
whatever you say, magically gets converted into a Text.
6) Wallet – your Phone stores information of your Credit cards. Just hold your Phone at Checkout counter. Your purchases are paid.

7) Security Camera – your old iPhone with an App can work as Security Camera. Just position your old iPhone what you want watch when away from home. And, it starts recording and transmitting to your new iPhone. That simple!

8) Documents Scanner – many Apps you can use for scanning. You may have to sign. Just choose your signature and done. Tap the Share icon.

9) Entertainment- Ebook reader. With an app, you can even buy a book.
Remote control – an app can help you to record TV programs you missed.
Same for music- you can choose favorite channels to listen to.

10) Just For Fun –
Stargazer – With an App, your Phone can record the star above your head, and also tell you from where it came where gone.

Pet Photographer – Your phone can focus on mood and position of Pet you want. It will blurr other things and make your choice focussed and brighter. This can do the same for people as well.

Custom Artist – Try a Photo editing App such as Visionist. It will make your photograph look almost a painting.

– Suresh Shah

Resourced from very good write-up and talks by Jody and Victoria

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