Tag: Commitment vs. Trying

Commitment vs. Trying

You may be working on a project. However, you may not be ready/capable for completing without extra help.

Does it mean you are not committed?

Not at all. You are committed, yet you do not have adequate resources.

For this project, for example, there are tasks which cannot be completed without external help.

Listen to Vincent and Diana.

They are busy on a Greenfield project. Both are competent for physical work.

However, when it comes to designing a company website for promoting this project, both were helpless – it is not their skill!

So, try to understand. Both Vincent and Diana are committed; but they cannot complete the project.

1) List the number one priority in your life that you are committed to right now?

2) Should be this number one?How will you work out this should be number one or not?

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